RBB Radioeins in Germany described their style as 'A totally different musical universe' and this pretty much its the nail on the head when it comes the eccentric, left-field music of Berlin based duo, Feline and Strange.

However, the visionary pair like to label their style as 'electro-wave cabaret; it's dark, haunting, full of brooding instrumentation and intrigue that you simply can't listen to just once.

Feline and Strange often combine the chaos of sound with unnerving silences that makes for a sometimes uncomfortable, yet fascinating listening experience.

Feline Lang, and opera and tango singer, certainly brings these influences into the duo's music, creating a jarring clash of classical and electronic styles which somehow seem to fit together. Whilst Christoph Klemke (Strange), is a punk drummer, percussionist and orchestra cellist who adds his talents to the line up, particularly with his fold up cello which he made himself but cutting an electric cello into 3 pieces.

This notion is encapsulated in their single 'No Life On Mars' which is taken from their latest album, OUT. Watch the video below:

But there's so much more to the story of Feline and Strange. Allow us to explain: The band are extraterrestrials, transferred centuries ago to Earth with partial amnesia and reborn into new human bodies. Their music serves to collect members for their crew and they don’t know their original mission, but assume they must report home. Yet lately they have changed sides, conspiring against Earth’s invasion, having warmed to the planet and its inhabitants.

With a 'concept' like this and the highly-alternative music that the duo are creating, Feline and Strange are sure to catch a few eyes and ears, not least ours.

Feline and Strange will also be releasing the new video for their track 'City By The Sea' on July 7th. Keep an eye out!







Slydigs are a charismatic four-piece hailing from the thriving hub of musical heritage, Britain’s North-West. The four school friends are pulsating and pumping fresh blood into the rock and roll scene that many see as dead, or at least hibernating. Recently Slydigs have supported The Who on their world tour, plus slots supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen, The View and Pete Doherty.

‘How Animal Are You’ is the lead single from the forthcoming EP of the same name which will be a six-track collection injected with all the swagger of classic rock. The EP was written during the intriguing transition from the mundane daily grind to working with one of rock’s finest ever groups. The EP is expected to showcase the gritty fire that the band has been containing since day one.

The lead single opens with a slick riff countered by sustained notes that fuzz away with gravelly confidence. Drums enter with a boom and the track begins to swashbuckle with rolling guitars, tumbling bass lines and tambourines that are reminiscent of classic Stones and Oasis. Lead vocalist Dean Fairhurst makes his entrance with a strut in his voice, oozing with a grizzly charm, which compliments his throwback image to the days of Brian Jones.

Before the catchy anthemic chorus, the band throw in synchronised claps for good measure. It’s little things like this that keep the joy in the track and I can assure you that you won't be struck by boredom with 'How Animal Are You?', only the uplifting power of pure rock and roll. Slydigs new song does not let up until the end, and it will be over before you know it, making you play it like a kid with a new toy, again.

The ‘How Animal Are You?’ EP is out 12th May and Slydigs head out on tour the later the same month.

19th May: Deaf Institute, Manchester

20th May: Fibbers, York

21st May: Think Tank Underground, Newcastle

22nd May: Corporation, Sheffield

24th May: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

25th May: Garage Attic, Glasgow

26th May: Mash House, Edinburgh

27th May: Warrington Festival

29th May: Bodega, Nottingham

30th May: Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

31st May: Louisiana, Bristol

1st June: Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

3rd June: Camden Rocks, London

5th June: Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

6th June: Portland Arms, Cambridge

14th June: Paradiso, Amsterdam

15th June: Merleyn, Nijmegan

16th June: Graspop Festival, Belgium

17th June: Hellfest, France

Find out more on Slydigs here:






Today, April 27th, the new pioneering music competition Salute is launching, ready for aspiring artist and musicians to upload their music.

From today, applicants can put their music on the platform (a maximum of four tracks per person) where it will be judged by Salute's respected curators and music experts. This team have the difficult job of reviewing all the music with the aim of finalising a top 100. A public vote will then whittle these down to a final 6 whose music will be showcased on the live shows.

Aiming to redefine and reposition song writers, whilst supporting and empowering DIY UK talent, Salute Music Makers is an innovative enterprise launching the next generation of unsigned musicians. The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of music makers to showcase their talents, with the opportunity to win a life-changing, no strings-attached cash prize of £50,000. The biggest prize of any music competition in history!

Salute is not 'glorified' karaoke, as many people believe current talent shows to be; instead, it is championing original talent and the power of the song writer.

Feargal Sharkey, who you may well know from The Undertones, is providing the face of the competition and he commented: "British music can justifiably claim to conquer the world but that incredible success is built upon one thing, talent. In an age of television static and bewildering musical consumer choice, it is now more important than ever that we give the right, focused support and opportunity to the next generation of great British talent. Salute is set to make that happen."

Find out more and sign up for Salute here:




I would imagine that most people couldn't name a protest song from this day and age, but pioneering songwriter, Beldon Haigh, has come up with two in the past year.

Beldon cemented himself on the scene with 'Freedom', a song that protested the presidency of Donald Trump and acted as a call to arms for the many millions who dislike Trump to stand up and be counted. Now, Haigh has returned, perhaps even more pertinently, with 'Land of Hope' which brings to light the atrocities of the refugee crisis that the world is currently encountering.

'Land of Hope' employs more of the direct, straight-to-the-point lyrics that Beldon exhibited in his previous single, but this time he is appealing to an entirely different cause. His adaptability in addressing audiences is quite astounding and it's refreshing to hear a musician with a true purpose, other than just wanting to make money.

Having played with a number of bands back in the 80s, including Mikifin and Boxing Clever, Beldon has developed experienced song writing skills that see him marrying classic and effective instrumentation with poignant and witty lyricism.

Despite the harrowing nature of what Beldon's new track addresses, the tone is surprisingly upbeat, resonating perfectly with the name of the song. A protest song should look forward positively whilst highlighting the issues, not simply wallow in the problems of the world, and Beldon succeeds in doing the former.

On top of this, Beldon is donating all proceeds from sales of the single to indiGo volunteers, an organisation providing support for aid agencies who are helping with the humanitarian crisis.




Russian singer-songwriter, Georg Roman, has thrown away his pursuit of a career in sport for one in music instead, releasing his hard-hitting operatic anthem, 'Forever'.

'Forever' is song like none you have ever heard. Georg pushes boundaries with his music, creating an unusual yet surprisingly harmonious concoction of operatic, classical and even rock styles, all driven by Roman's roaring baritone voice.

Consequently, you can understand why Georg takes inspiration from a wide range of artists; everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker to Placido Domingo.

Georg looks up to these stalwarts of the operatic world and it is this style he has followed that has led him to perform at well established venues such as The Bolshoi Academic Theatre and The Bonn Opera.

Although Georg originally intended to take on a career in sports, wanting to be a professional fighter or weightlifter, fans of his music will be pleased that he chose music instead- it was clearly the right choice.

Find out more on Georg Roman here:


Welsh singer-songwriter, Chey, has followed up her debut single, 'Dirty Love', with a song in the same alternative, electro-pop vein, entitled, 'She's Got You'.

The new track is a fusion of disquieting electronica and contemporary pop, making for a truly absorbing listen, only reinforced by the evocative music video filmed in an abandoned cotton mill in Manchester.The visuals feature some intricate choreography from a pair of talented dancers that truly complement the feeling behind Chey's lyrics.

Telling the typical story of infidelity and lost love, Chey places this common tale onto an original backdrop of her alternative style of pop. She said: “‘She’s Got You’ deals with the feelings of loss and rejection, losing someone can be a poignant moment in your life - it can also be the moment where you find your strength.”

'She's Got You' was put together with the help of famed London producer, David Ezra, who has also worked with X-Factor finalists, Reggie and Bollie in the past. On top of this, there is a remixed version of 'She's Got You' if you like your music a little more dancy!

Check it out here:







With a lot of support to his name already, Jake Aldridge is an artist who is beginning to make his way in the music industry. His music has been played by Tom Robinson on his BBC Introducing mixtape, on Playboy TV and he was even no. 1 on Zone radio's top 40 charts.

With his latest release, entitled 'Fireman', Jake is fusing R&B with hip-hop and even a little bit of pop, with the help of Lisa Ambrose and her quality vocals.

Beginning with Lisa's pure voice and a delicate acoustic guitar, 'Fireman' quickly makes way for Jake's inventive and considered lyricism. His raps and rhymes are original and full of emotion, only adding to the feel of the track. Unlike many others, Jake was not always a musician. It wasn't until his Father passed away when he was 11, that Jake found music to be an ideal platform for expressing his emotions. He quickly found that he had a confident talent for penning lyrics and he hasn't looked back since.

Interestingly, the acoustic guitar motif continues throughout the track, lying subtly underneath the centrepiece of Jake's lyrics. Not only this, but his attitude-fuelled words and style sit in contrast to Ambrose's, almost creating two sides to the song which could be interpreted as two sides to the argument and predicament that 'Fireman' is centred around.

In terms of production, Jake has used all he skills he has learnt over his time in the industry to create a highly professional track that paves the way for him in the urban-pop scene.

Jake finds inspiration in some of the biggest names in rap and hip-hop, including greats such as Tupac Shakur and Dr.Dre. These influences evidently leak into his own style and there's hardly better artists in his genre that he could look up to.

Overall, 'Fireman' is a top-level track that anyone who likes urban music will be able to relate to. But more than that, pop fans will also find a bit of what they like with Jake's crossover style.







You may recognise James Grant from this picture as the front-man of 80s group, Love and Money, but now he has returned and teamed up with producer Gordy Goudie, to form The Korvids and their brand of funky-disco for a modern audience.

The pair have labelled their new album as perfect for the older generation, who still want to bust a move or two in honour of their younger selves. Upon listening to the record, this seems like a perfect description- it has that throwback sound, reminiscent of disco and funk, with groove-heavy basslines and wah-laden guitar leads.

It's simply the kind of music that you can't dislike; it just makes you want to move, or at least tap a foot. 'Bad Faith' is a highlight, exhibiting Grant's trademark falsetto vocals and an enticing piano lead. It was even produced with the help of Steely Dan's producer, Gary Katz.

James says, “I wanted to be someone else for a while. Sound different. Write different. It can be dreary being me all the time...I sing most of my vocals on the record in falsetto, which, as we know, is the international language of disco.”

Back in the 80s, Love and Money never seemed to really hit the big time, despite Grant's talents, so he'll be hoping that his new direction in music will take hi even further. Equally, Gordy has produced for Simple Minds and has even played bass and guitar for Echo and the Bunnymen and The Primevals.

Disco lovers, whilst I'm sure you're enticed- you'll have to wait until 28th April before you can get your ears round the new album.

In the meantime, check out more on the Korvids here:




Classically-edged alt-pop trio, The Hallows, are making their mark on the modern music scene with their debut album, 'Of Times and Tides', which addresses themes of relationships and how circumstances can change over time. With a style like no other, The Hallows fuse sounds from the likes of Muse, Portishead and even Kate Bush, creating a unique concoction which will please even the pickiest of listeners.

Having come from varying musical backgrounds, each member of The Hallows brings something special to the group. Sarah has performed as a backing vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist for Hafdís Huld, sharing stages with acts such as Paolo Nutini, Mika and Bloc Party. Also, Joe has supported cult band, Rock Bitch, as well as having played a number of television performances.

The group met at university and consequently, their friendship has has allowed them to become a tight knit unit, which is closely reflected in their playing style. They used to share a house together where third band member Dave subjected the group to strict drinking games and earned the title of 'band chef'.

As a band, The Hallows are involved with all aspects, not just the music. For example, they get stuck in coming up with the ideas for videos, artwork, set design and even their own blog. This hands-on ethos is exhibited in the video for 'Cardboard Love' which has a very interesting and intriguing concept.

'Of Times And Tides' was recorded at Riverside studios using a vintage Calrec desk that previously lived at the Royal Opera House. Subsequently, this gave the album its distinct tone, further proving that there's no band out there at the moment quite like The Hallows.

Stream ‘Cardboard Love’ here: https://soundcloud.com/the-hallows-official/cardboard-love

Gig Dates:

11th November – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

12th November – The Nest, Bath

19th November – The Troubadour, London

16th December – The Spice Of Life, London







Belgian singer-songwriter, engineer and producer Mark L. Oakes releases the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with his debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’. The album was mainly tracked at Mark's home studio but was finalised with the help of Londoner Ben Trigg and mastered by the Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen, giving the album the professional edge many other albums don't have.

The likes of Neil Young, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Tucker Zimmerman and Ryan Adams, influence Mark greatly. His range of idols means 'Call Me The Moon' takes a musical journey from soft melodys to heavy bitter sounds.

Stream ‘Shredded Jeans’ from the album here: https://soundcloud.com/mark-l-oakes/shredded-jeans

These days, pop music can seem a little samey and it's been a long time since we last had a truly original artist emerge from the UK. However, luckily for us, Nancy Black is here as our saviour with her super catchy new single, 'Dirty Little Bass.'

With an infectious chorus and cleverly crafted, rap-esque lyricism throughout the verses, Black succeeds in merging styles effectively. There is a definite dance feel to the track, with some fuzz-heavy basslines backing it up, but there's also an acoustic guitar break which you don't see coming, but it works! Consequently, Black gives us a bit of everything, making for a unique piece of pop music that can appeal to anyone.

Due to the range of sounds, expertly woven together by Black, it's the kind of track that you can imagine fitting in anywhere: In the club, at a house party or it would even make a great addition to your ipod collection.

Nancy found herself penning 'Dirty Little Bass' in the aftermath of a particularly messy break up, yet simultaneously, it was an odd moment of euphoria and release, as is evident from the upbeat nature of the track. Despite these hardships, Nancy was able to grow stronger from her experiences and use her musical talents to escape the heartbreak and put it behind her.

The English-rose-meets-pop-princess started writing music at the age of 13 and soon formed the all-girl rock band, Pink Lemons, before gaining the confidence to head out as a solo artist. From going solo, Black developed her sound to incorporate killer dance beats and hooks that give her music that special edge.

You can watch the video for 'Dirty Little Bass' here:


And you can find out more on Nancy Black here:




Featuring beautifully effortless and emotive vocals, Andrea Di Giovanni’s new single ‘Hold Me Once More’ perfectly conveys his emotions whilst maintaining the perfect electro-pop sound. You would imagine that seeing as this is the first track Andrea has written in English he may struggle to convey his deeper feelings or connect with the listener on a deeper level but this is simply not the case.

The listener is really taken on a personal journey when listening to this song, understanding Andrea’s experiences with his Father and feelings of desperation. The song is also infectiously catchy adding to the general appeal of the song! He has a simply stunning voice and manages to create smooth stunning harmonies which are evidence of his sheer talent.

I am delighted that this fell into my inbox, it really was lovely to listen to and I feel as though I really know Andrea without having even met him! I recommend you keep up to date with his social media accounts so you can be the first to know what he comes out with next. If this is anything to go by then I’m sure it will be worth it!

Listen to the track: https://soundcloud.com/andrea-di-giovanni-2/hold-me-once-more-explicit-teaser-andrea-di-giovanni

‘Hold Me Once More’ was released on June 15th


Soultrip EP was released on July 15th



Website: http://andreadigiovanni.it/

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/andrea-di-giovanni-2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adigiovannioff?lang=en-gb

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreadigiovannimusic/?fref=ts

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/soultrip-ep/id1118854618



We’ve already announced a universally joyous array of astronutters including Fatboy Slim, Tears for Fears, Jess Glynne, Katy B, KT Tunstall, Squeeze, Arrested Development, Dick and Dom, Mr Tumble and many more who will be joining us at Space Camp Lulworth this July 28-31. And with a whole galaxy of space-based high jinx and cosmological fun on offer all weekend long, Team CB’s ever imaginative arts crew thought it would be a curious delight to look in the other direction and spend some historic times working with Historic Royal Palaces to get to know one of Britain’s most intriguing royal dynasties, the Tudors. Plus, we’ve got a stellar line-up of daytrip suggestions to make the most of Dorset’s rich historical heritage around your festi-holiday frolics this summer.
Camp Bestival’s own celestial sovereign, Rob da Bank says: “So, this has nothing to do with Outer Space but everything to do with the glorious and sometimes a bit bloody and gory history of the United Kingdom. Bizarrely, having DJed at a few Royal Palaces lately, we felt it would be good to bring some of that history to Lulworth Castle, a location not exactly lacking in stories itself. So from Tudor crossbow to cookery and a good old fashioned dressing up tent, naturally, I’m looking forward to unleashing my inner Henry VIII and whizzing back in time”.

Yes, indeed. This summer, celebrate Henry VIII's arrival at Camp Bestival from Hampton Court Palace with the unmissable Tudors on Tour. Presented by independent charity Historic Royal Palaces, this ‘festival within a festival’ will allow you to step into a living Tudor world. Bringing to life the magnificence and splendour of the Tudor court through a spectacular mix of theatre, games, and live craft demonstrations.
With something for the whole family, you’ll be able to demonstrate your importance and strut your stuff in the height of 16th century fashion in the Tudor Costume Tent. You can wield a deadly weapon and test your aim as you have a go with a cross-bow; and travel back to 1540 and meet Henry VIII in The King’s Pavilion. Plus, you can find out what the Tudors knew about space, learn how to be the perfect courtier and see what you think of his new Queen (and fifth wife) Catherine Howard.
You’ll also be able to see the skills of the master crafts-people and stonemasons who built and maintained palaces as magnificent as Hampton Court and the Tower of London (and a little bit later, our own wonderland, Lulworth Castle) and dip your own candle to help bring light to the palace. Check out the Great Harry Theatre Show and discover how Henry VIII came to be King in a hilarious play for the whole family. Join in a Tudor Scratch Performance and take your chance to tread the boards. Or sit back and relax while you hear some of the King’s favourite stories.
Come and join the team who have brought the Hampton Court Palace kitchen to life and marvel at Tudor cooking as they roast beef for the King in front of their roaring fire and discover what life was like cooking for King Henry VIII. And don’t miss the chance to find out about Tudor games and play them yourself. See how high you can get on the leader board!
And, while we’re on an enjoying antiquity tip, we’ve put together a list of Dorset’s own historical highs, all close enough to Lulworth to make a day or two of it, before you head into space with us, or even when you’re touching down on the way home. There’s almost an eternity full of landmarks and attractions to keep you busy including Dinosaurland Fossil Museum, Cerne Abbas Giant, Hambledon Hill, Maiden Castle, Maumbury Rings, Roman Town House, Sturminster Newton Mill, Corfe Castle, Portland Castle, Sherbourne Castle, Highcliffe Castle, Swanage Railway and Dorset County Museum. And we’ve put a handy little map together of them all for you too, which you can find by following this link.
We’re still counting down to lift-off at Camp Bestival 2016, with so much more interstellar fun and games to be announced, so keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest sub space communications.

Camp Bestival Festival Ticket Info:
Camp Bestival 2016 Weekend Tickets are on sale now via: Ticketline / 0844 888 4410

Camp Bestival 2016 Weekend Ticket Prices:
Adult Weekend Ticket - £197.50*
Student Weekend Ticket - £185*
Age 13 to 17 Weekend Ticket - £118*
Age 10 to 12 Weekend Ticket - £93*
Age 5 to 9 Weekend Ticket - £45*
Age 4 & Under Weekend Ticket - £15*
Babes In Arms (1 & Under) - FREE (but ticket required)*

All tickets include camping from Thursday or Friday.

*NB: please refer to the Camp Bestival Ticket Terms & Conditions

Weekly Payment Plan:
Use our 20-week payment plan to purchase your tickets meaning that an adult ticket can now be bought at a payment of around £9 per week over 19 consecutive weekly payments following your initial deposit payment. Book online via Ticketline only: select 'Camp Bestival 2016 - Weekend Payment Plan'. Once you have signed up to the payment plan, which basically means giving your agreement by ticking the bank mandate form on Ticketline’s website, they will automatically debit your card on a weekly basis. NB: Booking fees and a deposit (£27.50 per adult ticket) will be charged with your initial transaction.
More info here: http://www.campbestival.net/tickets/ticket-payment-plan/?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=26260-141344-Tudors .

Car Parking - £20 in advance
Campervan Ticket - £85 per vehicle - please read Campervan T&Cs before booking Caravan / Trailer Tent Ticket - £96 (One car only per caravan/trailer tent – no exceptions). Please read Caravan/Trailer tent T&Cs here: http://www.campbestival.net/camping/caravans-trailer-tents?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=26260-141344-Tudors

In September guitar legend Bernie Marsden will be heading out on a UK Tour to promote his latest solo album ‘Shine’ released on Provogue Records as well as playing some of his greatest hits. At a rough guesstimate Bernie Marsden’s name appears on a hundred albums – maybe more. In addition to a long-running solo career the Buckinghamshire-born guitarist has been a recording musician since the early 1970s via membership of such groups as Whitesnake, UFO, Wild Turkey, Babe Ruth, Paice Ashton & Lord, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Alaska, M3 and many more. Though there’s a tendency to pigeonhole him as a blues-rock guitarist, each of Marsden’s acts had its own individual flavour.

Devotees of the blues genre are unlikely to overlook the fact that ‘Shine’ is released on Provogue Records – home of Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Robert Cray, Jonny Lang, Walter Trout and others – and many are likely to have put two and two together regarding its contents. But let’s be clear, shall we? ‘Shine’ is NOT a dyed-in-the-wool-blues album.


“To me, it’s a classic rock album with a modern feel,” points out Marsden with customary good cheer. “When I asked the bosses at Provogue what type of album they wanted from me, they simply replied: ‘Make a Bernie Marsden album’. And that’s what I did.”

The light, airy commercial feel of ‘Shine’ is largely attributable to producer Rob Cass, who pieced together its contents in Studio 3 of the legendary Abbey Road facility, though the backing tracks for three of its selections were cut at Riverside Studios in Somerset. During the 1980s Cass had actually spent six months as the lead singer of Marsden’s group Alaska before carving a career as a successful producer with a wide range of rock, pop and classical artists. It was Cass who sought out Marsden, emailing him to suggest they catch up over a reunion lunch at the home of his production company, located at Abbey Road Studios.

“Rob wanted to thank me for having sent him an air ticket to come to London from Ireland [to join Alaska] and helping to get his career underway,” Bernie relates. “Coincidentally, I was looking for a producer because I’ve been writing, playing and producing for too long. I really liked the sounds that Rob gets, and that’s how the whole thing came together. If people think I was recording at Abbey Road because Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’ made 18 gazillion quid then they’re quite wrong… though it did make 17 gazillion quid!” he adds with a hearty laugh.

Marsden believes that the famous facility has a special atmosphere that permeates the sounds created within its walls – hence the fact that the album’s final instrumental song is titled NW8, after the studio’s postcode.

“The Beatles recorded Revolver, my favourite album of theirs, in Studio 3, so it has that sense of history,” he says, “but I honestly believe Abbey Road to be the best studio in the world.”

Although Marsden was right to be wary of flooding the credits with too many special guests, ‘Shine’ does feature some extremely well-known names, from Joe Bonamassa to Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and the Deep Purple duo of Ian Paice (drums) and Don Airey (keyboards). Jimmy Copley of Jeff Beck fame behind the kit and Mark Feltham of Nine Below Zero also supplies some breathtaking harmonica playing. “I can’t help it, I’ve got a lot of mates – and quite a few of them are guitar players”, Bernie laughs.

September 2015 Tour

Fri 18th September – The Flowerpot, Derby
Weds 23 September – The Stables, Milton Keynes
Thurs 24 September – Robin 2, Wolverhampton
Fri 25 September – Crown Hotel, Nantwich (Acoustic Evening w/Jim Kirkpatrick)
Sat 26 September – Masonic Hall, Alva (Acoustic Evening w/Jim Kirkpatrick)
Sun 27 September –South Beach Hotel, Troon
Mon 28 September – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

Lee Puddefoot
Public Relations
Mascot Label Group

9 Devonshire Square
Office: 00 44 203 691 1407
Mobile: 00 44 7905 890 669
MLG on Spotify: Provogue: Where Blues Meets Rock
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mascotlabelgroup
Twitter: Twitter.com/MLG_Rocks

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Kenton Hall is a British Canadian actor, writer, director and musician. He first came to prominence as the frontman and lyricist for the band 'ist" who release three critically albums between 2000 and 2010. He has appeared in over 50 films, includingLes Miserables, The Honourable Rebeland the award-winning shortTwinkle Twinkle.In 2010, he wrote and directed the acclaimed shortBus Stop, Wet Day. A Dozen Summers.


MAISIE and DAISY McCormack are two, ordinary twelve-year-old girls trying to make their way through the minefield of life in the 21st century. Which, as far as their concerned, is largely a case of trying to work out why grown-ups behave so oddly on such a regular basis.

When they interrupt a children's adventure story in progress, by scaring off the NARRATOR, they hijack the film and proceed to tell the story of their own lives, through the lens of the movies they've seem.

JACQUELINE, their mother is a struggling model with a idiosyncratic parenting method. HENRY, their fa-ther, a writer who has sacrificed more than they realise to give them a stable home life.

MAISIE and DAISY lead us through their day-to-day life -battling bullies JENNIFER, AUDREY and BETH and the pull of first love -MATTY ARCHER, the school heartthrob for MAISIE and, unbeknownst to DAISY, her best SAMUEL for her.

They take us through bad dates with JACQUELINE, home-life with HENRY, school life (with added were-wolves and vampires), before finally being forced to take the first tentative steps into adulthood when JACQUELINE finally settles down and they decide to set their father up with their teacher, MISS WAL-TERS.
And they need to do it all before the story they interrupted re-asserts itself. It's a race against time -and MAISIE and DAISY are learning it's not necessarily a race they can win.

And, in the end, that might not be such a bad thing after all.

Hero Hall
Scarlet Hall
Kenton Hall
Sarah Warren
Colin Baker
Ewen Macintosh
David Knight
Holly Jacobson
Quinton Nyrienda
Richard Stephenson Winter
Robert Bilic
Tallulah Sheffield



Track, produced by another member of Bollywood royalty, Pyarelal Ji, released 24.11.14

Following the release of his first album in the UK, ‘Hum Tum’, Indian singer and Bollywood legend Kumar Sanu is back with new single ‘Rangleni’.

An accessible, light Indian classical song based on traditional ragas, the song also has a huge crossover appeal for Western audiences – full of sweeping orchestration and drama similar in sound to some of the most iconic Bond themes.



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Cambridge based independent chocolatier launches new site where customers build their own bar Independent, Cambridge based chocolatier Chocolat Chocolat are excited to treat customers to their tasteful new website at http://www.chocolatchocolat.co.uk/ . The new site – which offers Chocolate Bouquets, French Specialities and Gift boxes from ‘The Home of Handmade Chocolate’ – gives customers unique opportunities for customers to satisfy their sweet tooth. But perhaps the most exciting part of the site for choco-lovers is the chance to build your very own, custom-made chocolate bar – ideal for chocolate fans hunting for their perfect treat. Create Your Own Chocolate Bar & receive a YouTube video of its creation Giving customers the opportunity to choose a milk, dark, white or caramel chocolate bar base and then combine it with a wide variety of toppings, the custom bars are available in packs of one, two or three. Incredibly, the range of bases and toppings can create up to 200,000 different combinations – plenty of opportunities for chocolate lovers to tease their taste buds. Once you’ve chosen your toppings, the chocolate bars will be made carefully to your specifications, with personalised YouTube videos detailing the unusual and wonderful creations. The bars will arrive at your door a few days later. There will even be an unboxing video upload page for the happy customers to post their own feedback. As well as building their own chocolate bar, visitors are able to book chocolate making and tasting courses, as well as hen parties and weddings favours.
“A wild and wonderful piece of mystical mayhem, that’s indicative of the bands psychedelic rhythm and blues prowess.” – The Beat

“Live, they really grab you by the scruff of the neck!” – Gary Crowley, BBC London 94.9

Following a period of successful shows in and out of the capital, culminating in an outstanding headline performance at Vice Magazine’s Old Blue last, Venice Trip are set to release their Ep, ‘Look Forward’, on RYP Recordings on June 29th.

The Eps unreleased single has already garnered support from Gary Crowley on BBC Introducing London, who invited the band into the studio for his ‘featured artist’ segment. This summer they have already impressed crowds at The Great Escape and are set to play a slew of dates across the country over the course of the summer.

Having formed at Pink Floyd’s former university, Venice Trip’s “progressive stoner sound” (Artrocker) takes chunks of influence from psychedelic stalwarts Syd Barrett and The Doors, as well as more contemporary sounds like Temples and Mystery Jets.

The thundering introduction to ‘Look Forward’ – title track of their EP – reflects the youthful spirit and celestial energy of the band, yet demonstrates their penchant for sounds of old. Their lyrics talk of escapism, fuelled by a life in modern London filled with pressures and uncertainty. The storm settles into ‘Oh Katy’, a warm melancholic groove which demonstrates the band’s pop sensibility. Bringing the EP to a dramatic close with a dark rolling hypnosis, ‘Father of the Universe’ gives a glimpse into their electrifying live show.

The EP will be released on June 29th but available at the eagerly anticipated release show on the 26th at The Shacklewell Arms, which holds a lofty reputation within London’s fledging psychedelic scene.

EP Pre-Order: http://apple.co/1f72A32
EP STREAM:https://soundcloud.com/alfred-hall-music/sets/safe-sound-ep/s-wYh6b

Gigwise - 'a radiant rainbow of sound - bursting with life and an effervescent energy'

Norwegian Grammy Nominees: ‘Best Pop Album’

Over 3 Million plays on Spotify

If you like music that expresses diaphanous wonder and breathy rapture, then you’ll love Norwegian duo Alfred Hall. Hans Thomas, an engineering undergrad, and medical student Bjørn Tveit are childhood friends who have known each other since they were 10 years old. They decided to form a band in the summer of 2009 while working as farmhands on Hans Thomas’ family’s farm in rural Drammen, Norway.

By the start of 2012 Alfred Hall’s music was being hailed as “star-spangled” and was attracting the attention of the Norwegian public, not to mention legions of A&R (wo)men. They signed to Sony Norway and their first single ‘So Bright’ became a hit on Norwegian radio and the cooler international stations. The video for follow-up single ‘Lose That Gun’ was nominated as “Scandinavia’s Best Music Video” at the 2013 Bergen International Film Festival.

That following year saw the Norwegian release of Alfred Hall’s debut album ‘Wilderness’. A feast of radiant guitars, insistent rhythms and sumptuously sorrowful melodies, it went on to be nominated for ‘Best Pop Album’ at the Norwegian Grammys.

And now, in 2016, they will release music in the UK for the first time. Their ‘Safe & Sound’ EP is available now. Irresistibly upbeat, full of earworms and hooks that caress and charm, lead track ‘Safe & Sound’ has been winning converts all over the world. With over 3 million plays on Spotify, it was also used on the worldwide trailer for Netflix Original series Derek.

Having performed alongside the likes of Lissie, Rangleklods, Susanne Sundfør, Todd Terje, James Blake and Wolf Gang on stages across Europe, be sure to find time to embrace their impassioned, celestial, arresting pop music.

https://www.facebook.com/alfredhallpage | https://twitter.com/alfredhallmusic

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